Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) that we receive about our training.

Where can I find information about the multi-agency courses? Who can attend?

Information about our training is on our website www.cscb.org.uk and information is sent out by email to agencies for distribution in-house. Courses are open to anybody from an agency in Camden who works with Camden children and/or families.

How can I attend a course?

You first need to open a training account via our website and register on our database. Once you have done this you can easily apply for a place on a course without having to give all your details again. You cannot apply for a place on a course unless you have first registered with us. You cannot apply for a place on a course for somebody else — they must make their own application.

Must my manager support my application?

We ask you for the name and contact details of your manager and will tell them when you have been offered a place on a course. We expect that you will have discussed your application and how it meets your training needs before applying, and also expect that they will facilitate your attendance.

What if I want to cancel a booking for a course?

We are concerned by the rise in late cancellations from booked participants on our courses.

The course descriptions are very clear on our site with comprehensive learning outcomes and objectives given, and the course title is confirmed to the individual and their line manager when the event is booked. We do expect that when a booking is made both the applicant and their line manager will commit to their attendance on the day.

Our courses are currently offered at no cost to the attendee, but this cannot continue if we receive so many late notice cancellations. Our costs remain the same and we are unable to demonstrate effective value for money for the Safeguarding Children Board with low attendance rates. The inevitable outcome will be that agencies will lose this free service and we will follow most other London Boards and charge for every place.

On our confirmation email sent out as soon as we receive a booking request we state: “If you do not tell us that you will not be attending at least 7 days before the date of the event we reserve the right to charge your agency, through your manager, a £50 non-attendance fee.” We may not accept applications from your agency/service if late cancellation or failure to attend a course is a recurring difficulty for us.

How will I know if I have a place on a course?

You will receive a response to your application followed by a confirmation application. This confirms your place on the course and we will expect you to attend. We will send joining details about a week before the course date with all the joining information you need.

Why am I refused a place when there are still spaces available?

This will be because we have to share places out between all the agencies that work with children and families in Camden and are unlikely to be able to offer more than four places to one specific agency. If the fair share of places for your agency has been filled we may not be able to offer you a place, even if there are still places for other agencies. Multi-agency events need to have a minimum of three agencies attending and an average of sixteen participants. One agency is therefore likely to be allocated up to three places. An over-representation of participants from one agency or profession is unfair to others and compromises the multi-agency balance of a course.

Where are courses held?

All our training venues are in Camden and we take public transport into account when booking venues. You will receive full information about the location in the joining details. We will include postcodes so you can plan your journey using an online map or Transport for London journey planner. Our venues often have their own websites giving location details. Please do not assume the venue will always be the same.

What else do I need to do?

Please tell us as soon as possible if you are withdrawing from a course so that the place can be offered to somebody else.

Make sure that you arrive at the venue on time for the start. It is our policy to close courses to latecomers half an hour after the start. We will support any trainer who refuses admission to a latecomer.

If I can’t come can I give my place to someone else from my agency?

It may be possible to arrange this, but please ask us before doing this in case we need to offer the place to somebody else.

Can I go on a waiting list if I am unsuccessful in getting a place on a course?

We do not keep waiting lists as too many people either leave the borough or are no longer interested in the training before the course comes up again. You need to make a new application if and when the course you are looking for is re-advertised unless we have told you otherwise.

Do participants get certificates on multi-agency courses?

Yes. Participants get certificates of attendance if they attend the whole course. Arriving late or leaving early probably means you don't get a certificate. These need to be kept safely as evidence of your continuing professional development. We are not able to issue duplicates.

Are refreshments provided?

We provide coffee and tea on arrival and halfway through a half day event and in the afternoon for a whole day event. We regret that we are no longer able to provide lunch on our courses so you may wish to bring something with you. Our venues are chosen to try to make sure that lunch can be purchased nearby and trainers are asked to allow an hour for the lunch break to facilitate this.

How is it best to contact us?

The best way to contact us is by email at jennifer@jenniferpearce.com or michael@positivelearning.co.uk When we are away from the office training we cannot take telephone calls. We will always respond to your message and can call you if you give us a contact number. We will give a contact number in the joining details if you need to call us on the day of an event for any reason.


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